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Your Sustainability Ambitions.

At ChampionX, we understand and embrace your sustainability ambitions. We recognize the global need for safe and clean energy production, and we stand alongside our customers in their quest to responsibly extract hydrocarbons while minimizing emissions. Our unwavering commitment is demonstrated through our comprehensive expertise in capturing, processing, and managing vast volumes of emissions data. Leveraging the combined knowledge of ChampionX Emissions Technologies builds adaptable and scalable platforms that provide actionable, real-time analysis right at our customers'’ fingertips. 

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Emissions Monitoring Solutions

ChampionX Emissions Technologies builds flexible, scalable platforms that put actionable, real-time analysis at our customers’ fingertips.


SOOFIE® is the standard of leak management in the energy production environment. Always watching, SOOFIE® takes 5 measurements every second and employs machine learning 24 hours a day.

Google Earth Integration

By using all of the information made available in the dashboard, and the email alerts, there is no longer the need for dispatching crews only to find everything in working order.

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Our Results

The ChampionX system has become the industry standard for visualizing hydrocarbon vapor leaks. Our reliable, automated approach saves money, streamlines regulatory compliance, reduces environmental impact, and avoids unnecessary human exposure to potentially toxic substances.

Our Expertise

The ChampionX Emissions Technologies team has extensive experience in atmospheric airborne research, including atmospheric chemistry and physics, air quality, boundary layer dynamics, and instrumentation.

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Who We Are

ChampionX Emissions Technologies is an airborne scientific research company specializing in atmospheric measurements and emissions flux quantifications of methane, CO2, and other trace gases, with applications for air quality, climate, leak detection and repair (LDAR), and atmospheric research. Our services and expertise provide our clients and collaborators with advanced capabilities to better understand our impacts on the atmosphere, and the sound data needed to make informed decisions.

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Understanding the size and location of trace gas emissions is the first step in remediation. Our skilled team of scientists can carefully design the flight tracks, analyze the data, and apply budget techniques to the processed data to estimate the magnitude and location of these trace gas sources.

Multi-level Approach

Emissions Technologies operates three fixed-wing, single-engine Mooney aircraft carefully configured for atmospheric research, specialized drones, continuous monitoring SOOFIES, aerial OGI cameras, AURA™ OGI ground cameras and a comprehensive digital dashboard

Strong Mission

Emissions Technologies fosters a culture of collaboration and mentorship. Our team members learn from one another, exchange ideas, and collectively raise the bar of performance. With our collective expertise, we deliver high-quality results.

Skilled & Experienced Team

At Scientific Aviation, we like to say that we have a “very particular set of skills.” Our company was founded by a scientist with a Ph.D. in atmospheric science and a passion for aviation and airborne research.

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