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Technology Benefits

Built In-House

All SOOFIE units are custom-built in house by the Emissions Technologies staff. We designed this system from the ground up, drawing on our years of experience in the emissions research sector.

Reliable. Affordable.

SOOFIE was designed with operators in mind. It stands watch 24/7, 365 days a year. With real-time data upload to our secure dual-encrypted cloud-based server, you can rest easy knowing that your facility is constantly under SOOFIE’s watchful eye.

Rapid Response

If our system detects a leak on-site, you’ll receive a notification from our dashboard application, allowing you to direct quick and precise action to address the leak at its source, saving you time, energy and money.

Real-Time Measurements

This ground-based system employs a modified form of Scientific Aviation's airborne emissions flux quantification methodology. Inside every SOOFIE® control box is a custom-designed emissions measurement system that reports real-time measurements of methane, TVOC, relative humidity and temperature. Using a 2D sonic anemometer the system monitors wind speed and direction, allowing for the accurate modeling of any observed emission plumes on site. These values are then used to identify the most likely component source of the leak, allowing for component-level detection and leak differentiation. The central communications board is equipped with LTE cellular connection which uploads raw data to a secure dual-encrypted server every 1 minute, where emissions rates are calculated every 15 minutes. When the system detects a leak, the operator is notified within minutes.

Our Results

The ChampionX system has become the industry standard for visualizing hydrocarbon vapor leaks. Our reliable, automated approach saves money, streamlines regulatory compliance, reduces environmental impact, and avoids unnecessary human exposure to potentially toxic substances.

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Why choose ChampionX?

If sustainability and safety are sky high on your operational initiatives itinerary, buckle up for our first-class combination of drone and manned aircraft emissions detection capabilities.